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OCTOBER 10 @ 3:00 PM - 8:00 PM

To shed light on what it takes to raise institutional venture capital, Upstate Capital is bringing investors and venture-backed CEOs to share their knowledge with the Upstate New York entrepreneurial and business community.

  • Conversations with CEOs and investors who have experience raising and investing venture capital
  • Networking with investors, business leaders, entrepreneurs and people interested across the region



10 Things To Do Right

We will discuss what to do and not to do based on SEC laws when raising private capital

Investment Approaches

The difference between early-stage, venture & growth equity

Successful Fundraising

CEO stories about their experiences raising venture capital investment


3:00PM - 5:00PM
(Optional) : Take advantage of our networking technology and schedule meetings ahead of time with other guests

Bar opens & unstructured networking begins

Program - Upstate Capital Introduction & Startup Pitches

Ten things to do right from the start - with securities lawyer Amanda Dwyer, Harris Beach

Panel discussion - Different Investment Theses & Approaches - early stage, venture and growth and impact

Fundraising for Splyce - Rochester-based fast-growing esports company with CEO Marty 'Lazerchicken' Strenczewilk

SunCommon Story - Impact-focused solar installation company with venture capital backing with CEO Duane Peterson




Marty "Lazerchicken" Strenczewilk

CEO and President of Splyce

A longtime veteran of the entertainment world, Marty "Lazerchicken" Strenczewilk worked in theater, film and television for over 10 years, primarily in New York City. Esports started as a passion side project, before landing his first esports gig at a startup where he led production on one of the most successful World of Warcraft tournaments in history. He then went on to co-found Splyce in the winter of 2014. Splyce has become one of the most successful and the fastest growing esports team in the western world. Splyce players can be seen weekly on places like ESPN and TBS, while brands such as Foot Locker, the Boston Celtics, Columbia Records, PepsiCo and Activision lead their list of clients.

Duane Peterson

Co-President and Founder of SunCommon

Duane has a varied background. A social entrepreneur -- he’s on his 7th career with stints as a medic, police officer, non-profit manager, political campaigner, justice department official, legislative director and values-led business practitioner. He moved to Vermont in 1996 to help Ben use Ben & Jerry’s as a force for social change. After 12 years there as Ben’s Chief of Stuff, Duane left to launch his latest venture — SunCommon — as a market-solution to climate.  A Benefit Corporation and a Certified BCorp, SunCommon quickly grew into Vermont’s largest provider of residential, community and commercial solar. It acquired the market-leading solar business in the Hudson Valley, so now with 150 employees is expanding across the Northeast.

 Brian Model

Managing Partner of Stonehenge Growth Equity Partners

Mr. Model is responsible for the overall operations, including sourcing, underwriting and executing the firm’s growth equity investments. He also manages the Stonehenge Growth Equity Innovate NY Fund.  The Stonehenge Growth Equity team has invested $74 million in 44 companies and management teams since 1999.

Amanda Dwyer

Corporate and Securities attorney of Harris Beach

Amanda focuses her practice in the areas of securities, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions and general business and corporate matters. Her perspective on setting things up right from the beginning provide a lot of value for companies raising institutional capital.

 Brian Keil

Managing Director of New York Ventures

Brian is the Managing Director of New York Ventures and Empire State Development, the venture capital investment arm of the State of New York. Responsible for managing a $150 million venture capital program comprised of a $100 million direct investment fund and a $50 million fund-of-funds program. Investments are focused on supporting high-growth, emerging technology businesses in the IT, Healthcare and Clean Energy sectors.

Alan Bernstein

President of the IC SVN NY Local Network

Alan has over 35 years experience as a corporate lawyer working with startups, venture capital and M&A. He is a Managing Director at the Community Development Venture Capital Alliance, where he co-manages the Puerto Rico Fund for Growth, a $45 million fund of funds focused on economic development in Puerto Rico. He is an active angel investor in early state Impact companies and is the President of the New York Network of Investors' Circle. He received he B.A. from Stanford University and his JD from Boalt Hall, University of California-Berkeley