Women, Money & Power Recap + Photos!

Upstate Capital hosted Women, Money & Power on September 26th, 2017. With around 100 men and women from across the state in attendance, the program was able to draw attention to the importance of women in business and finance. With only 7% of US capital going to women-led business, Upstate Capital invited entrepreneurs and professionals from a range of business spectrums to come together to support a shift in this dynamic.

“Women-led high tech startups are more capital-efficient, achieve 35% higher return on investments, and — when venture-backed — generate 12% higher revenue than male-owned tech companies.”                

 –Kauffman Institute

There’s disparity between the capital accessible to women despite the returns by women-led business, and this event achieved to celebrate the women working towards and succeeding in closing the gap.

The event was co-hosted by Noa Simons, Upstate Capital’s Executive Director, and Helene Rude, Director of the NYS Cloud Computing and Analytics Center at Marist.

Jennifer Tegan, Member of the Board of Directors for Upstate Capital, commenced the ceremonies, first, by quoting Anna Gunn’s character in the 2016 movie Equity:

“I like money. I do. I like numbers. I like negotiating. I love a challenge. Turning a no into a yes… I am not going to sit here and tell you that I only do what I do to take care of other people. Because it is okay to do it for ourselves. For how it makes us feel. Secure? Yeah. Powerful? Absolutely. I am so glad that it’s finally acceptable for women to talk about ambition openly. But, don’t let money be a dirty word.”

This set the stage for Alison Lamb of LIMEGREEN, Colleen Costello of Vital Vio, Calandra Cruishank of Statebook, and Dr. Joan Fallon of Curemark to pitch their companies to a group of leading women in the investment community. The panel of investors included Sharon Weinberg of NY Ventures, Amy Short of Hudson Valley Startup Fund, and Jennifer Tegan of Cayuga Venture Fund.

After a short break for networking, guests gathered to hear “Our Stories”, a talk from selected women leaders about their career paths. Bonnie Ryan of Silicon Valley Bank, Barbara Hammel of Hartsdale Group and Elisa Miller-Out of Chloe Capital spoke about their careers, their struggles and their successes.

“Raise your hand. There is always someone willing to help you succeed, and taking risks and making yourself uncomfortable helps you grow.” – Bonnie Ryan

Finally, members of Upstate Capital were invited to attend a private reception at the Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site at Val-Kill. Guests sipped New York State’s Millbrook Winery’s pinot noir and heard from ERVK’s Director Kathleen Durham, as she spoke about Eleanor Roosevelt’s legacy of leadership.

The goal to inspire entrepreneurs and investors to build diverse leadership teams is an on-going task. But the motivation and the inspiration is sparked. Diane Barkeij Fokas, designer at Doen Creative, said, “I work with awesome women helping brand their start-ups. It was facinating and powerful to see them in action and realize the courage it takes to stand on the stage.”

On the event participants, Geeta Andrea MadhoCEO & CoFounder of Lab141 said, “Some very high level women committed to supporting each other. Quite impressed.”

Hudson Valley News Network was on hand to document the event. Read the article.

Photography was provided by Idena Beach Photography.

View the collection of photographs from the event.

For information about upcoming events hosted by Upstate Capital, see our events calendar.





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